Histology and Pathology

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Eye Institute Histology and Pathology Core. The Core offers services to Vanderbilt Vision Research members on a first come first server basis, with priority given to jobs submitted by “investigators”, followed by those submitted by “associates”, and finally, “affiliates”.

The histologist would like to meet with everyone before they start their project. How the samples are prepared is crucial to the quality of the slides. Please contact the histologist to go over your projects and make the best plan so the histologist can provide you with top quality service.

Services Available

  • Tissue processing, embedding, and sectioning 
  • Hematoxylin & Eosin staining 
  • Special stains Immunohistochemistry Including antibody workup
  • Frozen sections Special techniques as needed

Histology Service Policy and Procedure

The Histology and Pathology Core will be administered according to the guidelines of the NEI Core grant that supports it. In short, the Core grant pays for labor and the investigator must pay for supplies.

VVRC Histology Core FAQs

1. Where is the VVRC Histology and Pathology Core Lab?

1161 21st Ave S.
AA7100 MCN/Imaging Bldg

2. Who can use the VVRC Histology and Pathology Core Lab?

Anyone associated with the VVRC can use the Histology Core Lab. This includes investigators, staff, associates, and affiliates.

3. How do I use the VVRC Histology and Pathology Core Lab?

Start with an email to the histologist. A meeting will then be arranged to discuss your needs for your project and make a detailed plan to address your special needs.

4. How long does it take to have my work completed?

Everyone’s project is important. Our goal is to work as quickly as we can to provide top quality work on the projects in the order they were received. If you have a deadline to meet, special consideration may be made in consultation with the histologist.

5. What do I need to bring with my samples?

Relevant supplies.

6. What is the acknowledgement policy?

If you have used VVRC Histology and Pathology Core services, it is appropriate to acknowledge the services of the Core in the following manner: Vision Core Grant: P30 EY08126. If the histologist has substantially assisted in the design, execution, and interpretation of you data, it is appropriate to consider an authorship role for the histologist in consultation with the Core Director.

Are you ready to make a Histology and Pathology Core Service request?
Go the official Histology and Pathology Core Service Request RedCap form by clicking the image below.


Dr. David Calkins, Director, Histology
Office: 1161 21st Ave S.
           AA7100 MCN/Imaging Bldg
E-mail: david.j.calkins@vumc.org

Histologist: Purnima Ghose
Office: 1161 21st Ave S.
           AA7100 MCN/Imaging Bldg
Phone: (615) 936-6866
E-mail: purnima.ghose@vumc.org